Multiple Teams · Sports Are Back! Event & Spectators Policy



Sports are back!  We are excited to get your athletes back on the field and court in a safe manner.  We know that you are excited to see them competing as well.  With that in mind, there are some new guidelines that we must follow in order to have spectators at our games.  Rules that have been put forth by the Governor’s office and the Department of Health limit the number of people we are allowed to have in our facility.



  • We are allowed to have no more than 200 people in our facilities, which includes all players, coaches, officials, etc. Therefore, the number of spectators we have may be significantly less.
  • After going through the bleachers and checking capacity, it looks as though we may be limited to about 80 spectators for indoor events.
  • Spectator numbers for outdoor events will fluctuate based on how many athletes, coaches, etc. are participating.
  • Only home spectators will be allowed entry. No visiting families or fans from the opposition will be allowed entry.  This is a league rule.
  • In addition, we must accommodate for proper distancing between household groups. However, the league has agreed to live stream all events.  We are working on the details.  We will communicate the links for live stream via our website and through your children.


Attending Games

  • As you can imagine, there will be some different processes for fans who are able to attend games
  • Only those with a ticket will be allowed into the game
  • Masks will be required at all times in our facilities.
  • Each ticket will have a COVID attestation form on the back for you to sign.
  • We will also will be taking temperatures at the door.
  • We will also be enforcing 6-foot distancing between households in the stands. We will give one warning to those who do not comply.  If that warning is not heeded, you will be asked to leave the facility.
  • If we all follow these rules, we can continue to have our athletes compete.



  • Only those with a ticket will be allowed into the game. Any available tickets must be arranged prior to the event.  There will be no ticket sales at the gates.
  • Tickets will go out to people a day or two prior to the contest.
  • The first priority is to provide tickets for the parents of the athletes first, then immediate family members within reason, and ultimately to some of the members of the student body.
  • With these limited numbers of spectators. The hope is to be able to provide, at minimum, 2 tickets for each athlete in uniform.
  • For some sports/contests, we may be able to offer more than that. The goal is to get as many people in our facility possible, while still following all of the protocols.
  • We will also grant priority based on class (seniors, then juniors, etc.) as needed.
  • Watch for a letter to every athlete’s parents prior to each contest to help determine the ticket distribution. It will be a monumental task and we will need your patience and understanding.



Video Streaming

  • If you can’t make it to the games, there is still a chance for you to watch, as the league has agreed to live stream all events. We are working on the details.
  • We will communicate the links for live stream via our website and through your children.


Sports are back but it will take community teamwork to continue to provide these special memories for our student athletes.  WE CAN DO IT FOR THE KIDS!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I want to make the best of this difficult situation, and I think that we can do that by working together