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It has been almost a year since the last Onalaska athletic event!  The fall season started on February 1, and will play a 7-week season. We are excited to welcome back some of the best student-athletes in the state.  With turnouts under way, we have the following numbers for each sport:


High School Football – 37

High School Volleyball – 28

High School Girls’ Soccer – 15

High School Cross Country – 12

Fall Cheerleading – 5


Middle School Football – 23

Middle School Volleyball -24

Middle School Cross Country -5


What is most impressive is many teams in the Central 2B league are experiencing low turnout numbers and some schools are having trouble filling teams.   Onalaska is experiencing the opposite, this is a tribute to our coaches, programs, parents, and community.  We see the value of educational based sports!


New Sport Website


We are excited to roll out a new website that will feature all of our high school sports in a more impressive platform.  This website replaces the old WPS website.  You can access the new site at:  Onalaska Athletic WebsiteThis will be your one stop shopping for Logger schedules, articles, photographs, videos, rosters, etc.  You can also access it through the old website:  Central 2B League Website